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Stakeholder Analysis: the Cornerstone of Change Management

My colleagues and I have recently been working on a large project to revamp a core process for the company. In that work, I am reminded of how critical stakeholder analysis is to the success of any change initiative. It is so important to think broadly and thoroughly identify all the functions and people who will be impacted by the proposed change – so you are not caught off guard when an overlooked stakeholder torpedoes the project with a question about how they’re supposed to complete their work now that xy&z has changed. (We witnessed that in a separate project a few months ago and lost time doubling back to retrofit a solution and incorporate the forgotten interdependency.)

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Engaging Your Stakeholders in Change Management

This article is short, and it focuses on engagement. Getting stakeholders to participate in conversation and the work of incorporating change into the business.

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Change Agents: Engaging the Organization from Top to Bottom

“Ask the right people… my manager doesn’t know what I do.”

That was probably the most important response we got from a baseline survey we fielded soon after I started in the change management role in my former company. While I had planned to initiate a change agent strategy to support the implementation of our initiatives (as most change management theories recommend), I had targeted influential “middle managers” as the primary lever to facilitate change in the organization.

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The Importance of Sponsorship in Change Management

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past several weeks about the importance of executive sponsorship in project implementation and coincidentally, in a Prosci certification course that I attended this week, it was cited as the single most critical factor in successful change management. Effective executive sponsorship can increase a project’s chance of achieving its intended business benefits from 25% to 85%.1

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You Can’t Go It Alone – Partnership with Sponsor and Project Management

I opened this series back in January referring to a trifecta for change management – the close coordination of content, training and change management to ensure the successful implementation of a project.

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